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Topic: Defending

Topic: Defending.

This is the first of many educational emails you will be receiving this year. The purpose of this is for you to see modern coaching philosophies and training sessions and use them as you see fit. Some of the ideas and activities you will like and others you will not. Please be open minded (an essential quality for a good coach) and enjoy.

Due to time restraints, and your busy schedules I feel this is the best way to cover certain coaching subjects. This is a teaching method, which gives you as a coach more of a understanding of certain concepts of the game and help you translate certain concept of the game to your teams.

This week the focus is on one topic. Defending. When transferring these topics into your training sessions it may seem difficult to let some things go, but if they are off topic leave them for another day. The players will respond to this and they will work on improving a specific skill set each session. Each session you run should end with a game situation on the certain topic. If you do not have enough players it should be as close to a real game as possible.

How to defend against the long ball

How to defend from the front

Fullbacks: How to defend against a 4-3-3

The threat of an attacking fullback

Defending with 10 men

Playing the offside trap as a fullback: the do’s and don’ts

Fullback: How to attack

Full-backs: covering your centre-back

How to zonal mark from a corner

Remember. Keep things simple and the game is the best teacher.