Seeking Qualified Soccer Coaches

RSA-badge 2 Announcement The RSA Elite Soccer Club is now accepting applications for qualified soccer coaches to join our experienced player development staff. The creation of Rainier Soccer Alliance (RSA Elite) is cooperation between four soccer clubs in our local communities. The participating soccer clubs Sumner, Puyallup, FME & South Hill Soccer Clubs each had diluted talent in terms of player capability spread thinly in their respective soccer clubs due to the geographic location of the four clubs. An alliance between the clubs to combine our administrative and development efforts is in our players’ best interests. We now represent 3,000 players. All of the clubs are part of the Tacoma Pierce County Junior Soccer Association family. Qualified applicants contracts for the spring season will commence February 2013 thru March 2013. After the conclusion of try outs the season contracts will run from March through March. Opportunities also exist for part-time weekend, weeknight and summer camp work. The RSA community based training program The RSA community based training program is commonly known as the Recreation Program. The expectation of the coaching staff is to teach the basic foundation skills and techniques of the sport and provide guidance, advice and training necessary to teach and build good sportsmanship, cooperation, work ethic and responsibility to the individual athletes and the team as a whole.  This position provides an opportunity to serve as a strong, positive role model for our young athletes. The appointed coaching staff will work in cooperation with each other and the Director of Coaching to achieve the following goals:
  • Non-result driven performance.
  • Winning at these ages is secondary to development.
  • All teams will play in a 4-4-2 formation in order to learn how to play the game.
  • 4 back zonal defense.  Learning from an early age how to zone defend.
  • Requiring the goalkeeper to be confident with their feet and responsible for the space behind the defense.
  • Development of wide midfield players and outside backs that are attack minded.
  • Teaching two forwards how to run and combine with each other in the attack.
  • Development of central playmakers and schemers.
  • Constant challenging from outside competition.
  • Playing competition available to develop necessary playing ability.
  The RSA Elite advanced Players’ Module Programs. The appointed coaches will administer the age appropriate curriculum to the players and teams.  Each team coach will stamp their style of coaching within the ideas and philosophies that have been set forth by the DOC guidelines.  The goal of OUR Soccer Club is to develop and mold the individual player to be a dynamic risk taker who plays the game with confidence and composure.  Coaches will train the players to be confident in their technical ability, able to solve the problems the game presents, and to play the game with a physical and competitive commitment. Coaches will be required to obtain the appropriate recommended coaching license before being assigned to coach in an age group or obtain it by a set date.  Coaches will also participate in coaching clinics, workshops, and symposiums that will further advance their knowledge of the game and their ability to teach the game to youth players of all ages. The appointed coaching staff will work in cooperation with each other and the Director of Coaching to achieve the following goals:
  • Technical mastery for the individual player.
  • Applying technical mastery in an environment of pressure.
  • Development of risk takers that are creative 1v1 artists.
  • Development of goal scorers.
  • Understanding and applying the concepts of zonal defending.
  • Developing problem solvers.
  • Understanding and applying maximum level physical commitment to every competitive situation.
  • Involvement in community outreach and community service.
  • Responsibility in academic endeavors and in life.
  The RSA Elite advanced Players’ Module Programs.
  • RSA Academy Ages U6 thru U9
  • RSA Junior ID Development Teams Ages U7 thru 11
  • RSA Elite Travel Teams Ages U11 thru 18
  • RSA Elite College Showcase Teams. College Placement Ages U16 thru U18
The RSA Academy program provides an opportunity for aspiring young coaches to join the organization as a part-time junior coach. This program is designed to integrate enthusiastic beginner coaches into the RSA Elite grassroots coaching ranks. Candidates should be under the age of 23, locally based and hold a basic coaching qualification. Junior coaches will have the opportunity to learn from the RSA Elite curriculum and experienced coaches, attend professional development meetings, and obtain additional coaching qualifications. Our new Soccer Cub coaching philosophy will operate under the principle “development of the individual player”.  The better job we do in the development of quality players at the youth level, the more accomplished high school, ODP, and collegiate and professional players will burst onto the scene. We feel that the development of the complete player on and off the field is crucial for collegiate placement and life in general.

For more information apply to:

Steve Richards

RSA Elite

Director of Coaching