U4-U6...Player Development for the Future!

The Mission The mission of RSA Elite with the Micro U6 Id program is to provide soccer training that is fun, safe, age appropriate and developmental in nature. This is a coach & player development program. Success of the program will be judged by the number of returning players each season, the number of talented recreational players promoted to the higher ranks of our development program and select teams. We will provide an inclusive environment for players of all levels of skill from four to six years of age, and provide the maximum opportunity for growth and Individual Technical Development for those who wish to take the opportunity through professional training and competitive games.

What is the RSA Elite U6 Id Program?

Tired of your kids not really learning how to play the game in your current program? RSA Elite Micro U6Id is a new program with a significant twist – we’re developing players instead of just playing around.
  • The new curriculum encourages creative thinking and the idea of repetitive movement to enhance a players balance, timing, rhythm, coordination and bi-lateral movements with fluid play, feints, deception and extensive use of ground work, as well as goals and creative moves to beat opponents.
  • Players need to be provided with an environment in which they can feel free to express themselves and learn through a method of trial and error without fear of failure.
  • The idea of un-organized play is to allow the players to adapt to the ever changing situations that the game may throw at them, in an environment where they aren’t afraid to make a mistake.
  • The program is a way of expressing yourself with the ball.
  • The games are a great way to identify talented players at an early age.

Why should I sign my child up for the U6 Id Program?

  • Technical Development – More touches on the ball more often becoming more skillful
  • Tactical Development – More, less-complicated decisions during the game
  • Psychomotor Development – M.A.R method; Motivation, Association, Repetition – Staff understands the natural progression of athletic skill development
  • Cognitive Development – More involvement during training and games and an opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents
  • Player Development – More opportunity to play on both sides of the ball = greater overall understanding of game.

What is the format of the Junior U6 Id Program?

  • Every player participates in Activities Night on Monday and games day on Saturday
  • The Micro U6 Id program runs for six (6) weeks.
  • Players report once a week for one (1) hour. 30 minute technical skill based training session followed by 30 minutes of small-sided games.
  • Games will be played in-house in a 4v4 or 5v5“street soccer” format.
  • RSA staff will conduct all training sessions and randomly select teams for small-sided games.
  • There are NO standings, stats or scores recorded.

What is the age range for the Program?

  • The U6 Id program is for players 4-6 years old.
  • The ages will be separated into age and ability.
  • For the benefit of all players we will not accept players outside of this age range.

 What date does the program start?

  • Training Session Monday August 31st starting at 5:30-6:15pm
  • First Game day September 12th, 8:00am-9:00am
  • ALL Training Sessions and Matches are at Sunrise Elementary School (2323 39th Ave SE. Puyallup, WA 98372)
  • Registration opens on May 1st and closes July 1st (late registrations are accepted into August). Players can register at

Saturday Games

  • 8 am kick off 4v4 games
  • 8-10 minute games
  • Water break, switch fields for next games
  • 4 or 5 possible games on a good day
  • 30 Games over a six week period
  • Advanced players may be invited to the U8 Development program
  • No refs, team coach, assistants to keep the flow