RSA Elite College Academy Program Teams (CAP)

RSA Elite College Academy Program Teams


RSA Elite College Academy Program Teams (CAP)

Have a Plan

RSA Elite has developed some new additional programs to help the RSA Elite soccer player achieve their dream of playing at a collegiate level. You must have a plan to get recognized, evaluated and identified by the right college coaches.  A College coach receives thousands of inquiries and player recommendations.  Strict NCAA rules and only so many hours in the day limit a coach’s ability to evaluate player talent. Coaches typically try to attend events where they will see the biggest number of elite players in competitive environments. Coaches will attend specific games to see players that trusted clubs have recommended to them. One key: get exposure in front of as many collegiate coaches as possible.

Another avenue: playing for a strong club team with a good college track-record. Our Collegiate Preparatory ID Camp will help players get an edge in the college pursuit – but at a more personal scale devoted to helping you achieve your college dreams. The RSA Elite College Academy Teams will have the opportunity to compete and create further exposure for the individual players. This program will provide you with an elite training experience that will replicate what you can expect as a collegiate athlete

College Academy Team Training Concept

The College Academy Team Program is designed to promote player development within the RSA Elite structure by utilizing our players and most experienced coaching staff to attend additional tournaments across the United States East & West Coast.  The program is designed to give the top RSA Elite player additional opportunities, and exposure to college coaches. The focus is on creating an elite college academy teams so the training environment for boys and girls that strive to reach the highest level of success by providing an atmosphere that seeks to develop the complete player on and off the field of competition. This is accomplished by selecting from a pool of players in RSA Elite.

Opportunities for the Player

The (CAP) program will provide the opportunity for players in our club to compete in additional high profile tournaments across the country on the East & West Coast. The RSA Elite College Academy concept will address the need for further development of youth soccer players within the club. Instead of having talented players spread out among several teams, the College Academy program promotes bringing together the best possible players to one team to attend the appropriate level tournament for their development. This allows players to compete against teams of similar talent at top-flight tournaments, giving players the opportunity to showcase their talents on regional and/or national stages.

Playing Time – Entitlement are Earned at practice?

The (CAP) program will give an incentive for proper practice habits and completing the fitness requirements. The players will appreciate and acknowledge the work required to play at the competitive level. We want everyone to play, but they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Certainly at the younger age groups we want all kids enjoying the game through participation. The players have to understand’ as they become older, that they earn the right to be on the field. This promotes proper training habits at practice.

The program will replace this crucial problem of choosing the right soccer tournament for team’s level of play. The opportunity to challenge some of our teams by pitting them against higher level is lacking. Traveling further away from home to promote top-flight players is also lacking. This is a void in the competitive atmosphere for our players and teams by just playing the local tournament schedule. We are providing the opportunity for the players to compete against the best… RSA Elite creates a true College academy approach by allowing athletes to play up in age if appropriate.  Players will not play more than two age groups up.


In no way will this program affect or disrupt the club team structure. With that said, we have to initially roster each player to an assigned team. Once assigned to that team under US Club we can move players around so they can attend the appropriate tournaments. Players develop in multiple and different stages. Within “league” play we will utilize “player passing” between teams as necessary and within the spirit of the league rules.

The goal of our club is to produce successful future College athletes within the RSA Elite. In order to aggressively promote this College Academy model, we have to show success.


College Academy Key Components & Guide Lines:

  • To create a vast tournament player pool
  • To enhance and develop the player
  • High expectations
  • To stress fitness, along with technical and tactical sessions to instill instinctive solutions in game-pace situation.
  • Playing Time – Entitlement or Earned at practice?
  • Conveniently manage the training schedule
  • Custom tailor training programs
  • Train twice a month
  • Players are selected to tournaments by invitation only taking into account player’s availability. (Unfortunately, cost is also a factor for out of state tournaments)
  • Level of play for assigned Tournaments
  • Player GPAs must be at least that of minimum college (or community college) entrance requirements…Do not let grades knock you out of playing at the next level.
  • A lack of effort from an individual player or failing to apply themselves to the College Academy training program will result in lesser playing time or not being selected for certain tournaments. This program is not designed for “everyone to get a trophy.” It is a highly competitive program that demands effort and commitment from each player. If your child is failing to follow the training and nutritional program and is just using soccer for a social endeavor, they will certainly not be selected to compete at the highest elite level tournaments.


  • The College Academy Teams are created for the players who are serious about playing at a collegiate level will have the opportunity to train with the top player & coaches in the RSA Elite soccer club.


Three to Four additional tournaments.

3 Major Out-of-State College Showcase

These tournaments depends on acceptance due to the history of the club

  • The College Academy is designed to physically train in a true intense training atmosphere, and educate soccer players, and parents who have aspirations to play at the collegiate level.
  • Practice: Players will train monthly, twice-monthly or weekly depending on the program and the competitive tournament cycle.
  • The College Academy Players will be introduced to a curriculum to provide an in-depth step-by-step process for players to get placed at a college (JC), NAIA, Division 3, Division 2, and ultimately Division 1 levels.
  • Fitness Level to compete.
  • Position Specific.


What are the Benefits?

  • Development and growth as a player to advance.
  • The opportunity to train and play with the best players in a particular age group.
  • Superb and thoughtful training from nationally licensed coaches.
  • Quality competition nationally ranked teams in showcase tournaments East & West Coast.
  • Additional exposure to college
  • Multiple arenas to be identified.
  • Minimum of twice-monthly training/scrimmages
  • College preparation & information sessions.
  • Multiple invitations to College ID camps.
  • Training/tournament schedule designed around club commitments.


What does the Program Costs?

  • Program Cost $750.00.
  • Tournament Entry cost.
  • Coaches Expenses.
  • Coaching Session.

The CAP Classroom Criteria:


Educational Advancement & Intercollegiate Compliance

  • Classroom Session work shop College Prep.
  • Personal College Guidance counselor.
  • Weekly homework assignments.
  • Parent Education.
  • Work Shop College Prep Manual.
  • The college manual is designed for athletes that want to be recruited and play at the collegiate
  • The student will learn the secrets on how to be seen, and impress college coaches.
  • This manual goes in-depth on the recruiting process and teaches you all the current NCAA/ NIAI & JUNO rules and regulations for college soccer.


The CAP Manual Additional Material: 

  • When to start the college preparation process.
  • Player academic and skill-set requirements.
  • The differences in universities (e.g., private or State etc.)
  • The differences between JC, D3, D2, NAIA and D1 soccer teams.
  • Recruiting laws.
  • Organizing player profiles and data sheets.
  • Contacting college coaches in the most effective way.
  • How to stand out as a college recruit.
  • What to expect each year in the recruiting process.
  • What to expect regarding official visits, home visits, scholarship offers, etc.