RSA Elite Coaching Staff,
Good coaches do their best to prepare for each session in advance so that things will flow smoothly once they get to the field. Unfortunately, rarely will you have a "perfect plan", in which every detail from your written practice plan translates flawlessly, without adjustment, throughout your actual session. There will be times when you've set up an activity that focuses on a specific learning objective, but realize that the activity "just isn't working" once you set things in motion with your players. For example, you might be using a keep away activity to emphasize possession, but your attackers can't seem to string even three passes together before losing the ball. Similarly, you might be playing a half-field game to work on your defensive organization, but keep having to restart after the attackers have scored yet another goal. In these moments, you need to make adjustments on-the-fly if you are to help your players achieve success.
To examine this point in more detail, consider the following training activity.
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Concussion Management Model