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RSA Players & Parents,

I wanted to send you a note to introduce myself and give you an idea of what to expect as we move forward into the RSA Elite Tryouts. My name is Marlon Mejia and I will be the Head Coach of this age group alongside my Assistant Coach, Joe Lumsden, who is a good friend w/playing and coaching experience.

A little bit about me, I am a D licensed coach. I have been coaching in Florida in Club and high school for over 10 yrs prior to moving to this area. Upon moving here I took over the RSA Elite 01 girls. This past year I was the coach of the RSA Elite 01 which now has 4 Surf Academy players on the roster & the RSA Elite 00 girls as well as one of the coaches for the RSA Micros program.

When I am not coaching I am the Director of Operations for the PSPL and Surf Academy. I am happily married to Lau Mejia and have 3 kids who are all involved in soccer. My oldest is a sophomore playing at Bethany College in WV, my daughter is off to play at University of Southern Mississippi in the Fall and my youngest is a member of RSA Elite and Surf Juniors program. Soccer is kind of a big deal in our family.

I am a passionate coach and demand high standards from my players and I expect them to demand high standards from each other. The training sessions will be intense and fast paced with the main focus on developing and ensuring fundamental skills.

Teaching and repetition are two of the tools used to prepare each player to be the best Soccer player they can be. Start with fundamentals, work on techniques and individual skills and teach team defense in depth. Take every opportunity to teach and demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for everyone, starting with the coaches. Believing that "Perfect practice makes perfect;" players should properly practice the skills being taught, on a repetitive basis, so that these skills become as natural as walking and talking.

I believe that player's technical skills are a requirement when developing the foundation of all players. There is a strong need to spend practices concentrating on developing critical skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping and shooting to strengthen the confidence of the players when on the field. The more touches on the ball are accomplished in practice, the more the players' skills will develop leading to confidence among the team in one another. Team Chemistry is also developed with these practices. Overall success will be evident with the combination of all of these assets blended together.

Our mission as a staff is to provide the best opportunity, focused learning and positive playing environment for every player to develop to their technical, physical, and tactical level of play. Repetition and Dedication are main reasons for success in sports. To help improve the player's ball skills & conditioning, we encourage players to work on their own on their 'non-training off days'. Player Development should be thought of in the same manner of "School homework", if the player is to develop, it will take additional effort on 'off days' outside of team practices and games.

I was taught at a very young age that everything in life is earned not given. Everyone on this team will have their own individual goals and as a team we will develop our own team goals. In order to fulfill all the goals; lots of work and effort must be put in, which is why playing time will be earned not given. The statement "Playing time is earned, not given" is the foundation of my coaching philosophy. Most teams have starters and role players. However, starters will not receive any special treatment. Everyone on the team is expected to put the best interest of the team first, before any thought is given to individual accomplishments. No individual, coach or player, is more important than the team.

What specifically does "Playing time is earned, not given" mean? The amount of playing time each player receives will depend on his/her attitude, skill level, commitment to the team, absences, injuries and game/tournament situations. No Spot is ever guaranteed, everyday will be a test.

Communication is a strong belief of mine as well. I don't judge the players by what they can do now but rather on their willingness to put in the effort to grow into a stronger player and desire to be part of a team. I want my players to know that the team will not develop itself; it is up to all of us. It is up to me to be a communicator, a listener and a giver of feedback in order for our team to develop. In order to call ourselves a team we all must respect one another, have the same level of commitment, play as a whole as opposed to individuals, do the best we can and want to WIN!

Please refer to the RSA website for the latest information. It is being updated with information to help you as parents, and our children, the players going forward.

See you all at tryouts.
Joe Lumsden

Coaching Philosophy

In 20 years of Coaching I know that the best level of play is governed by field awareness and how to execute the space given. Academically players should be held responsible for area/position that they play. By teaching how to use the space given to you and proper fundamentals in which the game is played success is imminent.
  • Rainier Valley Slammers Classic:June 22-23 , 2017

  • Swedish Summer Challenge: July 7-9, 2017

  • Starfire Sounders Cup: July 21-23, 2017

  • Starfire Xtreme Cup: Aug 18-20, 2017

  • Washington Cup: April 2018

  • *Please note that any and all information is potentially subject to change, the RSA coaching staff reserves the right to make changes as needed, and will provide full and confirmed details to players/families whom make each and any team at a later date.
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